making of Terra

Making of Terra

The sandstone facade of Terra resembles the texture of wood. Typically a warm, golden colour, it turns a luminously subtle tone of red during the monsoons.

The home’s exterior and interior palette features muted tones that sometimes camouflage with the environment and sometimes stand in captivating contrast with the emerald tropical foliage.

The most striking of Terra’s many stately features is the home’s expansive backyard that gracefully descends into the banks of the Chapora River.

The responsibly landscaped space includes local flora and fauna, a lush scattering of coconut trees, hanging gardens, and a river facing infinity pool.

Terra’s shrouded entrance features a waterbody and a louvred wooden door that opens into a petit foyer.

The water cools the tropical air as it sweeps through the open panelled door and adjacent wall, thereby naturally ventilating the space.

A breathtaking view of the river, pool and garden taken from the home’s living room, which features wall length glass sliding doors that seamlessly merge Terra’s indoor and outdoor living spaces for an immersive tropical experience.

One of many green reliefs in Terra, Earth House - this micro courtyard is visible through the home’s entrance living area. Wherever possible, the Sioul Villas are constructed around naturally occurring foliage and designed to incorporate sections of tropical landscape indoors.

The exquisite landscape flowing into a private access to the Chapora River. The finished garden will be a lush sight including hanging bougainvillea and fencing of rich green trees.