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Real Estate Development company

KRE – The Developer

KRE is a design-centric Real Estate Development company that primarily focuses on delivering design with functionality and practicality. KRE aims to redefine real estate by building utilitarian, yet unique designs that will stand the test of time. They create avant-garde villas for artistically-inclined people, whereby they may express their aesthetic sensibility and penchant for life through their homes.

KRE is not a typical property development company that grabs every opportunity to develop Real Estate. KRE endeavors to carve its signature through projects that would be cherished as a collector’s item than be just another home. KRE’s ventures are hand-picked after profound reflection of long-term impact on the place and, in turn, its portfolio.

Madhav Sattanathan – Managing Partner of KRE

International Contemporary Architecture

SAV – The Architects

SAV is an international contemporary architecture and design studio that produces intra-disciplinary work, inspired from nature – its resourceful efficiency and complex beauty. Combining the aesthetic with materiality and advanced technology with craftsmanship, SAV works across scales and contexts to create designs that are evocative and extraordinary.

SAV has a wide range of project portfolio comprising landscapes, highrises, facades, mixed use master plans, resorts, private houses, interiors, exhibitions, furniture and objects. Their diverse team of design professionals include architects, designers, computational programmers and artisans from different parts of the world, ranging from the US, Spain and the UK to India, China and Japan.

Vikrant Tike – Architect
Amita Kulkarni – Architect